Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visiting the Elk at Hardware Ranch Near Logan UT

Going stir crazy w/ the Utah winter cabin fever, we had to get out this weekend, so the Bagley's decided to go up and feed some Elk.... Yes we fed Elk, even though Rita kept calling them Reindeer. :) Up neer Logan Utah, there is a preserve called Hardware Ranch where they feed a wild Elk herd 3 tons of hay daily. This year due to the large amounts of snow that northern Utah has received, there is an enormously large herd. It was cool to see 600 + elk, but the coolest thing was to see so many bulls. I counted at least 50. I kept thinking how great it would be to see it behind a scope, but my day on Monroe will come. The best thing about the trip was how excited the kids were in seeing these great creatures. We live in an electronic world, were kids can be pluged in 24/7 (nintendo, ipod, videos in and out of the car, game boys, etc). It really felt great out into the fresh air as a family and not have a plug attached to the fun. Our oldest still thinks that video games are 2nd to none when it comes to fun, but we'll see if we can change that... We had fun and the nice sunny weather was an extra bonus as well. March 21st here we come!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sand Angles instead of Snow Angels!

Christmas Break in Mesa, AZ

We went to Arizona to visit Chance's family for Christmas. This is a few days before Christmas. The kids are playing in the sand with no shoes on! Now that's Christmas weather!

Christmas in Arizona

Christmas in Arizona with Chance's family is always such a warm and wonderful time for us. Rita is helping water Grandma Kay's flowers on Christmas morning. We also played at 3 different playgrounds and spent a ton of time in Grandpa and Grandma's "bouncy house" that they blow up in their driveway.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The cousins at Thanksgiving

Corbin, Caleb, Bentely, and Rita. We had so much fun with Chance's brother Brock and his wife Jessica, and thier daughter Bentley. They came out for a visit this past Thanksgiving. It gave us a good excuse to site-see in New York.

Living in New Jersey!

Taji was able to see a Broadway Musical with some friends from New Jersey. It was not just fun, it was an "experience!"- her exact words. Living close to New York City definitely had some fun perks.

Philly - Independance Hall

Being so close to Philadelphia, we had to go in and see Independance hall. Taji just loved the ancient history. Infact the picture below is an orriginal chair that George Washington himself sat in. Such great history in these parts.